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Balloon Ceilings

Custom balloons on the ceiling could be all the decor you need to adorn your party space. Ceiling balloons look especially fantastic in tall open spaces with exposed metal or drop ceilings with visible tracks. If you’re looking to order floating balloon ceiling decoration for your upcoming party in New York, get in touch with our event stylists today. We provide customized themed balloon ceiling decor for all occasions!

Why Order Balloon Ceiling Decoration

Floating ceiling balloon decor is an excellent way to add the perfect amount of fun (and just a little bit of drama) to your event, without taking up valuable venue space. Furthermore, ceiling balloon decor softens industrial style venues and makes tall spaces look and feel cozier. See a picture that inspires you in our gallery? Let us know about it, we’ll do our best to customize any idea to suit your party decor.

Ceiling Balloons Near Me

A floating balloon ceiling always screams ‘party’. With us, you can combine ceiling balloons with gorgeous balloon arches, garlands, number or letter balloons, and any other balloon decor sculpture or idea. Furthermore, at our studio, we also make some of the best custom cakes in NYC, so with us, you can always count on a super yummy themed cake for your party. We offer pick-up and delivery. Drop us a line now to get the discussion going!