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Wedding Cakes With Animal Toppers & Pets

Wedding cakes with animal toppers are cute. They scream, ‘This wedding is going to be fun!’ If you’re currently looking to order a charming wedding cake with animals or pets, you’re welcome to place your order online at PartyCakesNYC. Our bakery is where one-of-a-kind animal-themed wedding cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, and other desserts are created on a regular basis. 

Animal Themed Wedding Cake: What’s It Like?

A few decades ago, the only option for customizing a wedding cake was choosing between the hair color on the bride and groom figurines. These days, the choice is almost limitless. Animal toppers represent a fairly new trend in wedding cake decor. Yet they are already hugely popular, simply because they add irresistible charm and personality to your wedding dessert table. With our pastry artists, your cake can feature any creature from the animal kingdom. 

Here are some of our customers’ top favorite animal wedding cake design ideas:

  • penguin wedding cake;

  • wedding cake with foxes as toppers;

  • Safari wedding cake;

  • Giraffe, lion, or elephant wedding cake;

  • wedding cake with llama toppers;

  • wedding cake with hedgehog toppers;

  • bunny wedding cake;

  • wedding cake with rabbit toppers etc.

Wedding Cake With Pets: Want One?

Have a pair of pooches and want to put them on your wedding cake? Fantastic! We’ll make gorgeous figurines or edible image toppers of them to incorporate into your cake. Whether you want your wedding cake with pets to be cute, funny, lifelike, cartoonish, or futuristic… our experienced cake designers are here to make your sweet wishes come true. Contact us now to discuss your animal/pet wedding cake ideas!