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Candy Display for Your Party

If you’re planning to order a beautiful candy display for your themed party, you’ve come to the right place! Our specialists create one-of-a-kind candy displays for parties in New York. We will help you come up with the best idea for your candy display, then make sure that all the desserts and accessories match the theme and idea perfectly.

We will set up your candy display, provide candy display jars and cabinets for rent, along with custom balloons and other necessary accessories. In other words, with PartyCakesNYC, you will get a gorgeous, personalized candy display set up for your party!

Along with gorgeous candy displays, we also offer balloon displays for all occasions. Our clients’ top favorite ideas are:

Candy Display Ideas & Pricing

Candy displays are a fun and creative way to add a sweet touch to any party or event. When it comes to themes, there are endless possibilities to choose from. Here are some of the most popular candy display themes for parties.

  • Vintage Candy Shop. A vintage candy shop theme is perfect for those who love nostalgia and classic treats. Set up a display with old-fashioned candies like candy cigarettes, wax lips, and rock candy, and decorate with vintage signs and jars.

  • Candyland. Candyland is a classic and popular candy-themed party theme for all ages. This theme features vibrant colors, oversized candies, and playful decorations that transport guests to a magical candy wonderland.

  • Rainbow. A rainbow dessert display is a colorful and eye-catching option. Set up a display with a variety of candies in every color of the rainbow, and use colorful decorations like balloons and streamers to complete the look.

  • Chocolate Lover's Dream. For chocolate lovers, a chocolate-themed candy display is the ultimate dream. Set up a display with different types of chocolate treats like truffles, chocolate-covered strawberries, and chocolate bars, and add in some chocolate-themed decorations like cocoa bean sacks or cocoa pods.

  • Beach or Luau. For a summertime party or beach-themed event, a candy display with tropical treats like custom cupcakes, coconut candies, and beach-themed lollipops is a great choice. Add in some beach-themed decorations like palm trees or beach balls to complete the look.

  • Sports. Sports-themed candy displays are perfect for game day parties or sports-themed events. Set up a display with candy in the colors of your favorite sports team, or create a display with sports-themed yummies like baseball-shaped cookies or soccer ball lollipops.

  • Halloween. A Halloween-themed candy display is a spooky and fun option for Halloween parties or events. Set up a display with Halloween-themed candy like candy corn, gummy worms, and spider-shaped lollipops, and add in some Halloween-themed decorations like fake spider webs or creepy crawlies.

Overall, candy displays are a great way to add some fun and sweetness to any party or event. With so many themes to choose from, there's sure to be a candy display that fits the occasion perfectly. Get in touch with our customer service today to request a price quote and get the discussion about your order going.