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Best Cannoli NYC: Delivery & Pickup

Looking to order authentic Sicilian cannoli in New York? We’ve got you covered. This iconic dessert can be found at our bakery. Here, we make some of the best cannoli in New York and provide delivery. Standard-sized or gigantic, our cannoli creations are among the most delicious in town.

These tube-shaped fried delectables loaded with a decadent, creamy ricotta cheese mixture are loved all over the globe. The history of cannoli dates back to the 9th century when Sicily was under Arab reign. These days, this unique dessert has become an icon of Italian pastry.

Like many national delicacies, there are cannoli recipe variations depending on specific areas and villages of Italy. Here at PartyCakesNYC, you can order a set of cannoli based on your favorite recipe version. Indulge your cannoli craving, order our cannoli for your upcoming event!