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Tiffany Wedding Cakes NYC

We design and create spectacular Tiffany wedding cakes in New York City and offer delivery to any address in town. We believe that your custom Tiffany blue wedding cake should taste just as amazing as it looks. All of our personalized desserts are made fresh to order. If you’re planning to order a multi-tiered Tiffany wedding cake, you can choose a different flavor for each tier. 

Tiffany Blue Wedding Cake Designs

If you’re a bride interested in a Tiffany blue wedding cake, we bet that you’re well aware that Tiffany isn’t really blue in its traditional visual form. It’s actually turquoise. In any case, if you’re planning to order this super trendy and stylish wedding cake, you’re welcome to look through the designs above. You can choose your favorite Tiffany wedding cake design idea from our galleries or send us your own picture to replicate.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of our customers’ favorite Tiffany wedding cake design and decoration ideas:

  • tiered square Tiffany box-inspired fondant-iced wedding cake;

  • Tiffany blue petit four tower with sugar pearls, satin ribbons, and white fondant bows;

  • Tiffany blue beach wedding cake featuring edible loungers, flip flops, seashells, and even sand;

  • ombre Tiffany blue buttercream cake decorated with fresh blossoms;

  • Tiffany blue wedding cake with coral decoration elements;

  • Tiffany blue cake with gold leaf decor;

  • Tiffany blue wedding cake with white lace decor;

  • Tiffany blue ruffled wedding cake;

  • Tiffany-inspired wedding cake with watercolor touches;

  • Tiffany blue wedding cake with butterfly decor;

  • Tiffany blue Swiss dot wedding cake etc.

Tiffany-Inspired Wedding Cake You Will Love 

Tiffany blue symbolizes romance all over the world. So the fact that newlyweds choose Tiffany style as their wedding theme is pretty natural. Is your obsession with the little Tiffany box as powerful as ours? Then don’t hesitate to contact our bakery professionals to order a custom Tiffany wedding cake for your upcoming reception. We create some of the best themed wedding cakes in NYC!