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Video Gaming Balloon Ceilings

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Our customizable balloon ceiling decor for a gaming party is all the rage. It’s the perfect surprise gift for a video game fan in your life. Whether you prefer this particular color combo (black, blue, purple, and teal), or want something different for your upcoming party, our event stylists will be glad to accommodate your order. 

With us, your ceiling balloon display can feature video game controller balloons or other themed elements. We also make fantastic Roblox and Fortnite cakes with delivery in New York. Contact us now to order an awesome balloon ceiling installation for a gaming party. We serve NYC and surrounding areas.

Video Gaming Balloon Decor Ideas for Your Ceiling & More

Are you looking to level up your next video gaming-themed event? Look no further than our New York-based balloon styling company! We specialize in creating stunning and unique balloon arrangements that will take your gaming-themed party to the next level. Here are some of our customers’ favorite ideas for video gaming-themed balloon decor.

  • Character balloons: Bring your favorite video game characters to life with custom character balloons. From Mario to Pikachu, we can create a balloon sculpture of any character to add a fun and playful touch to your event.

  • Console-inspired designs: If you're a die-hard gamer, consider incorporating console-inspired designs into your balloon decor. We can create balloon sculptures that look like controllers, consoles, or even individual gaming cartridges.

  • Customized balloon arches: Make a grand entrance to your gaming event with a customized balloon arch. We can create an arch that incorporates your favorite video game characters or colors, making a memorable impression on your guests.

  • Pixelated designs: Embrace the retro charm of classic video games with pixelated balloon designs. From 8-bit hearts to iconic video game landscapes, we can create unique and playful decor that will transport your guests back to their favorite games.

  • Gaming-themed centerpieces: Add a flair of elegance to your gaming event with themed centerpieces that incorporate balloons. We can create centerpieces that feature your favorite gaming characters or console designs, bringing a playful touch to your tables.

Video Gaming-Themed Ceiling Balloons: Pricing & Online Order

We want to be transparent about the factors that comprise the final cost of our ceiling balloon displays. Here are some of the key factors that can impact the cost of your display.

  • Size: The size of your display is a major factor in determining the cost. Larger displays require more balloons and more labor to install, which can increase the overall cost.

  • Balloon type: The type of balloon used in your display can also impact the cost. High-quality, long-lasting balloons such as foil balloons and high-end latex balloons may be more expensive than standard latex balloons.

  • Design complexity: The complexity of the design you choose can also impact the cost. Intricate designs with multiple colors and shapes require more time and labor to create, which can increase the overall cost.

  • Additional elements: Additional elements such as lighting, custom signage, and props can also impact the cost of your ceiling balloon display. These elements can add a unique and memorable touch to your display, but they also require additional time and materials to incorporate.

  • Delivery and set-up: The cost of delivery and installation is another factor to consider. Depending on the location of your event, additional fees may be required to cover transportation and setup.

At our balloon styling company, we strive to work within your budget and create custom displays that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We offer reasonable pricing and will work with you to develop a display that fits within your budget while still achieving the desired effect. Contact us today to start planning your ceiling balloon display and let us help you create a memorable and stunning event.

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