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Butterfly Wedding Cakes

A butterfly wedding cake is a beautiful idea to bring to life, excellent for a romantic, fairy-tale reception. At PartyCakesNYC, we make butterfly wedding cakes that our customers fall in love with both at first sight and bite. As a matter of fact, your butterfly idea can be incorporated into literally any wedding theme and dessert type.

Butterfly Wedding Cake Ideas: Ready to Fall in Love?

Weddings are imbued with romance, irrespective of the theme. Still, if you want to go the extra mile and style your reception in a dreamily romantic way, take a browse through our butterfly wedding cake design ideas above. Feel free to choose your favorite item, send it to our pastry chefs, and ask them to customize it to perfectly suit your upcoming wedding reception. 

Below, you’ll find a short list of our customers’ top favorite butterfly wedding cake decoration ideas:

  • tiered cascade-butterfly wedding cake;

  • black and white butterfly wedding cake;

  • monochrome butterfly decor;

  • the beautiful combination of butterflies and flowers;

  • butterfly wedding cupcake tower;

  • rainbow or ombre butterfly cascade, and many more.

Butterfly Theme Wedding Cake for Your Unique Reception

Whether you’re looking for a delicate or decadent butterfly wedding cake masterpiece, our dessert studio is where all your ideas will become a reality. Our pastry chefs will do their best to offer your favorite flavor combinations, while our delivery team will take your cake to any venue in New York. With us, your butterfly theme wedding cake will speak uniquely to you and your nuptials.