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Lace Wedding Cakes: Exquisite & Breathtaking

With their delicate detailing often inspired by wedding gowns, lace wedding cakes are timeless and elegant. Whether you want to match your dessert to your wedding dress or are just interested in ordering a wedding cake with your favorite lace decor, PartyCakesNYC is where all your confectionery wishes will be made a reality. Contact us today to place your order!

Lace Wedding Cake Design Ideas

There’s an array of ways to create a lace design on a cake, including traditional hand-piping, stencils, or hand-cut appliques. Want to combine several decoration trends within one lace-adorned wedding cake? We’d love to. Lace looks beautiful with sugar flowers, gold or silver accents, fondant ruffles and bows, sequins and buttons, edible pearls and glitter, lace borders etc.

Wedding cakes decorated with intricate lace and filigree patterns are true works of art. Have you already decided on the design of your lace wedding cake? To inspire you, in this post, we’ve shared some of our top favorite works that feature edible lace. Yes, our vintage lace wedding cakes are almost too pretty to eat. But one of them is sure to make a splash at your reception.