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5 Trending Wedding Cake Designs 2024 Has in Store for You

What’s a wedding without a gorgeous cake? While trends may come and go, wedding cake is one element that’s here to stay. Over the last few years, it’s become absolutely clear that the sky's the limit when it comes to wedding cake shapes, colors, and textures. Experienced pastry artists across the globe are pushing forward, designing top-notch solutions that result in sweet masterpieces.

A classic all-white wedding cake looks fantastic, but you should know that it’s not your only choice. These days, you can get almost any design to reflect your couple’s unique personality. If you’re planning to order a custom wedding cake, take a look through our website. In our extensive catalog, as well as in this post, we’ve rounded up some of the trendiest wedding cake designs 2024 highlights. 

1. Pressed Florals: Romantic Innocence & a Pop of Color 

Because of the lack of flowers from coronavirus shutdowns, in 2024, people continue opting for pressed florals for their buttercream and fondant wedding cake decor. This decor adds elegant simplicity and brightness to the overall design. What’s also good is that pressed flowers are perfect for wedding cakes irrespective of the season. With our florists, you’ll get the most sophisticated pressed flower decor for your nature-inspired wedding cake, for we’ll only go for the most beautiful (and safest) edible flowers available.

2. Separated Tiers: Add a Modern Edge to Your Centerpiece

Inspired by weddings from the early 1900s, the trend of separating cake layers is making a bold comeback in 2024. According to many experts, instead of hiding the layers with frosting, cake artists separate them with visible pillars or acrylic clear tiers. If you opt for a clear tier (also known as ‘divider’) for your wedding cake design, this will create a breathtaking floating tier illusion and add height. We can fill your acrylic tier with florals or fresh fruit for a truly jaw-dropping effect. 

3. Petal Power: Sugar Florals Are in Style Again

Are floral motifs the main theme of your wedding party? Then let us put them on your cake, too. Last year, couples preferred simpler floral designs or even naked cakes, but in 2024, fondant flowers are returning to the wedding fashion scene. Whether you’ll opt for a polished all-sugar flower decor or decide to combine dried, fresh, and sugar flowers in your wedding cake design, the result is sure to add a trendy twist to your celebration. 

4. Unique & Eye-Catching Details: Unleash Your Creative Side

Gone is the time when wedding cakes were subtle and prone to blending in with ivory walls. At present time, couples are on the prowl for something truly decadent and wow-worthy. Therefore, popular wedding cakes in 2024 feature bright hues, topsy turvy designs, surprising textures, metallic accents, uneven buttercream, and stunning marble designs. If you’re looking to make a splash with an out-of-this-world wedding cake, make sure the design you choose resonates with your tastes.

5. Elaborate Cakes vs. Dessert Tables

In 2024, couples frequently opt for themed wedding dessert tables instead of (or along with) single cakes, cementing this tendency as a loud-and-clear trend. At our studio, we offer stylish macaron tower candy bars, scrumptious bundt cake sweet tables, charming pie displays, and a treasure trove of other candy bar displays for weddings. If you’re not a huge cake fan, you’ll love this outstanding alternative. Can’t decide what to choose? Contact our specialists today! We’ll offer professional advice and answer your questions.

Popular Wedding Cakes 2024: The Last Crumb...

We have selected just a few of the trendiest wedding cake designs of 2024 for your inspiration. No doubt, naked cakes, gorgeous geode decor, ombre elegance, or Croquembouche madness aren’t going anywhere. Trendy wedding cake designs aside, however, the best decision is to opt for what the two of you genuinely love and want.