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Pokemon Cakes

Does your kid consider themselves a Pokémon trainer? Is catching ‘em all your kiddo’s favorite thing to do? Why not order Pokemon cake online for your child’s upcoming birthday party! At our bakery, we offer Pokemon cakes in NYC, along with other themed treats like cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, macarons, petit fours, and cakesicles. 

Order Pokémon Cake Online 

In our Pokemon cake design gallery, there’s a multitude of versions of the way your sweet masterpiece may look like. We create one- and multi-tier Pokemon cakes, simple and 3D Pokemon cakes, fondant and buttercream sweet creations, as well as cakes that feature edible pictures, sugar figurines, handmade lollipops, and other custom decoration elements.

To order your Pokemon cake online, follow these easy steps:

  1. Send us your inquiry.

  2. Let us know the ID of the cake you liked.

  3. Indicate how many servings you need.

  4. Specify the date you need the cake for.

  5. Indicate the delivery address.

Also, don’t forget to mention your favorite flavors, fillings, and let us know about any modifications you’d like us to make to your preferred Pokémon cake design. So, if you’re ready to electrify your kid’s forthcoming birthday party, you’ve definitely come to the right place. We’re looking forward to receiving your inquiry!

Diet-Friendly Pokemon Cakes for Sale

Along with our typical flavors, we also offer our customers a treasure trove of diet- and allergy-friendly options. Looking for a nut-, egg-, or gluten-free Pokemon birthday cake? Consider you’ve already found it! Our studio of personalized desserts is where you’ll find some of the best Pokemon cakes, cupcakes, and cookies for sale in New York.