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Ombre Wedding Cakes for a Pop of Color

After exploding onto the wedding scene more than ten years ago, ombre cakes are still all the rage. Ombre cakes feature the incredibly-looking faded-to-saturated color technique a lot of couples make the most of to unleash their creative side. 

If you’re on the hunt for a reputable bakery to order a custom show-stopping ombre wedding cake with delivery to any venue in New York City, we’ve got you covered. Our pastry studio is where the most sophisticated ombre wedding cake designs become a reality. 

Ombre Wedding Cake Ideas: Choose Your Favorite

So, have you already thought about the most preferred ombre wedding cake idea for you? We’ve rounded up some of our customers’ ultimate favorites below:

  • beach-themed blue ombre wedding cake;

  • purple ombre wedding cake with sugar peonies;

  • fondant ombre cake with ruffles;

  • cascade fresh flowers ombre cake;

  • red ombre wedding cake with chocolate drips;

  • ombre-on-the-inside layer cake: this one is breath-taking!

When you think of the quintessential wedding confectionery, we imagine a multi-tiered classic white wedding cake with a stylish Swiss dot pattern or buttercream roses. Although traditional all-white wedding pastries will always be in style, this particular decor may not be enough for couples who are into shaking up the classics and serving something modern.

Modernizing a tiered all-white pastry creation is a cakewalk. Just add a splash of color to the overall design, and an ombre technique does it best. With our cake studio artisans, you will get a super stylish ombre wedding cake that will elevate your entire party, while making a lasting impression on all of your guests.