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Looking for a gift for that special Player’s Unknown Battleground fan in your life? Our bakery specialists make PUBG cakes in NYC, along with other video game themed desserts, such as cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, cakesicles, and petit fours. What’s your favorite flavor? Chocolate, vanilla, Red velvet, Black forest, banana, coconut, carrot, lemon, Nutella, Ferrero Rocher… Our selection of flavors is sure to tickle your palate.

At our studio of scrumptious personalized treats, you can order:

  • 2- and 3-dimensional PUBG-themed cakes;

  • one- and multi-tiered PUBG-themed cakes;

  • buttercream and fondant game-inspired desserts;

  • PUBG-themed cakes and cupcakes with edible images or sugar figurines;

  • PUBG sheet and half-sheet cakes;

  • PUBG-themed pull apart cakes;

  • PUBG-inspired cakes with lollipop, meringue, sprinkle decor, ruffles, swirls, and more.

Order PUBG Cake Online

Whether you’re looking for a PUBG birthday cake for a boy or girl, we have a treasure trove of design ideas in our lengthy catalog. Take a look through the items above and choose the best design for you. Online shopping and ordering custom PUBG cakes is a breeze via our website. Send us your inquiry if you have questions or need assistance choosing the most suitable dessert for your upcoming celebration.

Here’s what you’ll need to indicate in your email inquiry:

  • your event date;

  • the number of servings you need;

  • your favorite item;

  • your preferred flavor;

  • your delivery address;

  • and your approximate budget.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Our top-notch PUBG cakes are here to grab the attention of all the game lovers out there. Whether you’re looking to order a themed cake for a kid or adult, our bakery specialists are always here to offer professional help. We provide timely delivery throughout New York with extraordinary care. Our prices are reasonable, while our ingredients are always the highest-quality available. Email our office now to place your online order!