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Naked Wedding Cakes

Naked wedding cakes: this exposed sans-frosting design is a trend that’s definitely here to stay. Are you a fan of unfrosted (or partially frosted) wedding cakes just like us? You’re welcome to place your order at our bakery. We make beautiful and scrumptious naked cakes for couples who are not very fond of traditional party pastries.

Aside from strictly rustic receptions, an exposed sponge cake will look gorgeous at a variety of celebration types, from elegantly simplistic to fabulously chic and themed parties. By topping your naked wedding cake off with your favorite decoration elements like fresh florals, greenery, and fruit, we will add up to its laid-back appearance. 

Naked Wedding Cake Decoration Ideas

Below, you’ll find some of our clients’ top favorite naked and semi-naked wedding cake decoration ideas:

  • delicate blossoms and fresh eucalyptus;

  • funfetti;

  • floral cascade;

  • chocolate or caramel drips;

  • pressed florals;

  • olive leaves;

  • strawberries and raspberries.

Peonies, succulents, roses, fresh berries, figs, monogram toppers, custom fondant figurines… The idea of decorating your bare wedding cake with blossoms or cute elements of any kind is always inspiring. Whatever your reason for choosing a naked cake for your upcoming reception, these fantastic cakes can be chic, sophisticated, and gorgeous. 

Our naked wedding cakes are not excessively sweet, but just sweet enough. Let our extensive catalog inspire you. Take a browse through it, choose your favorite design, and contact us today to place your order. We offer pick-up and provide speedy delivery throughout New York.