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Wedding Cake With Bride and Groom on Top

Wedding cake toppers are a vital part of your wedding cake decor. Opt for one that reflects your wedding theme, as well as infuses your personal style into your overall reception decor. At our bakery, you can order a wedding cake with bride and groom on top in a multitude of designs. Aside from the classic wedding cake toppers, we also offer creative, funny, whimsical versions of bride-and-groom toppers.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of our customers favorite bride and groom wedding cake design ideas:

  • dancing bride and groom topper;

  • kissing bride and groom topper;

  • gone fishing/hooked on love wedding cake topper;

  • golf-, basketball-, motorcycle-themed bride and groom wedding cakes;

  • love pinch bride and groom topper, and many more.

Please note that we do not sell wedding cake toppers and accessories separately. We offer them as part of an overall wedding cake design only. Our dessert designers are always ready to bring your wildest sweet ideas to life. At our bakery, you will find wedding cakes with bride and groom on top that are both spectacular and heavenly delicious. Email us now to discuss the type of cake you’re looking to order!