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Japanese Style Wedding Cakes

Japanese themed wedding cakes have been in style for years. And the trend doesn’t seem to go anywhere. Planning to order a Japan style wedding cake and are currently on the hunt for a reputable bakery in New York that would help you with this? PartyCakesNYC is the answer. Whether you want your wedding cake to be small or multi-layer, our pastry chefs will cope with any task and make your sweetest dreams come true.

Japan-Themed Wedding Cake Design Ideas

Created by our pastry designers, Japanese-inspired wedding cakes are both elegant and delicious. Here are some of our clients’ top favorite Japanese-themed cake design ideas:

  • white or ivory tiered wedding cake with cherry blossom decor;

  • dark wedding cake featuring crimson Japanese symbols;

  • Japanese style confectionery adorned with edible origami cranes;

  • white tiered pastry masterpiece featuring sugar bamboo and orchids;

  • Hexagon-shaped tiered sweet masterpiece with Japanese bride and groom figurines on top;

  • white and red Japanese wedding cake with dragon decor;

  • wedding cake featuring Japanese ink painting, also known as sumi-e.

Japanese Inspired Wedding Cakes for Sale

Whether you’re looking for a fondant or buttercream Japanese style wedding cake, here at our dessert studio, we know how to bring your ideas to life. To place your order, email us with the design idea you’ve chosen, indicate the event date, the number of guests, and the exact delivery address of your wedding venue in New York City. With us, you’ll get the best Japanese themed wedding cake in town!