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Whimsical Wedding Cake

Whimsical wedding cakes excel in showing your reception guests the lighter side of your couple. This one-of-a-kind cake style ranges from subtly fanciful to wild, funny, and cute. Unlike classic wedding cakes, whimsical confections are creative without being over-the-top, and generally bear a distinctive charm. 

From the vibrant color palette to the unique texture combinations and overall ‘configuration’, our whimsical wedding cakes are sure to succeed in making a statement or celebrating your wedding theme. PartyCakesNYC is a bakery where whimsical wedding cakes are made with elegance and a touch of quaint details.

Whimsical Wedding Cake Ideas

Just because a dessert is whimsical doesn’t mean it looks like it belongs at a teenage girl’s birthday party. Add a custom monogram topper to your whimsical wonderland wedding cake and it will mark the occasion in the most charming way possible. 

Are you on the prowl for the spectacular whimsical wedding cake design ideas? Scroll up for some bountiful inspiration. Our pastry artisans create whimsical wedding cakes to suit any couple’s preferences. We can customize any design to suit your most sophisticated requirements. We offer pick-up and provide delivery to any venue address in New York.