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Wedding Cakes With Fresh Flowers

Brides love wedding cakes with fresh flowers. Fresh blossoms excel in setting the tone for the reception and offer delicate decoration ideas to as many areas of your venue as you can think of. Thus, integrating the same blossoms into your wedding cake is a great way to connect the elements of your wedding soiree together with one major concept.

Wedding Cake With Fresh Flowers: What’s Your Favorite Decoration Idea?

No doubt, fresh blossoms make a great accessory for your wedding cake. While sugar flowers are huge again, it’s their natural brothers that add that refreshing garden-like touch to your nuptials. Looking to order a wedding cake with fresh flowers in New York? PartyCakesNYC is the answer. We specialize in custom cakes for all occasions.

Here are our customers’ top favorite floral wedding cake decoration ideas:

  • wedding cake with fresh flowers on top;

  • wedding cake with fresh flowers between tiers;

  • tiered wedding cake with cascading fresh flowers;

  • tiered wedding cake decorated with a floral wreath.

Our bakery specialists will create a fantastic floral topper for your wedding cake, arrange fragrant florals to stylishly cascade down the dessert’s layers or separate the tiers of your confection with acrylic layers filled with fresh flowers. From petite and delicate to blooming show-stoppers, we have created tons of floral cake designs. To discuss your ideas or request a free price quote, contact our managers today!