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Silver and Gold Ceiling Balloons

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If you’d like to order a similar silver and gold ceiling balloon display for your loved one’s birthday or for any other occasion, you’ve come to the right place. These gorgeous birthday ceiling balloons can come with or without the ‘Happy Birthday’ balloon letters, it’s all up to you. Our event stylists are here to accommodate your order, suit all your preferences, and fit into your budget. So, drop us a line now to order a stylish silver and gold birthday balloon ceiling installation for your upcoming event. In addition to this, we provide custom birthday cake delivery and serve NYC and closeby areas.

Gold and Silver Birthday Ceiling Balloon Decor

Silver and gold make for a classic and elegant color combination for any birthday celebration. If you're looking for inspiration for silver and golden birthday balloon decor for the ceiling, here are five ideas and themes to consider:

  • Hollywood Glamor: Bring a touch of Old Hollywood glamor to your birthday party with silver and gold balloon decor. Think black-tie sophistication, with large balloon clusters in metallic shades, accented with feathers or sequins.

  • Masquerade Ball: Create a mysterious and enchanting atmosphere for your birthday party with a masquerade ball theme. A ceiling adorned with silver and gold balloon arches or garlands, mixed with masks or feathers, will transport your guests to a fantasy world.

  • Vintage Elegance: Channel the timeless elegance of the Art Deco era with a vintage-inspired balloon decor. A silver and gold balloon arch in geometric shapes, paired with vintage props like typewriters or gramophones, will transport your guests to a bygone era.

  • Glitz and Glam: For a more modern and trendy approach, opt for a glitz and glam theme. Mix metallic balloons with glitter or confetti balloons for a dazzling effect. Add some LED lights to the ceiling balloon decor to take it to the next level.

  • Champagne Toast: Celebrate in style with a champagne toast theme. Create a champagne bottle-shaped balloon sculpture in gold or silver, and pair it with clusters of bubbly balloons in coordinating shades. Add some glasses, streamers, or a backdrop in matching colors to complete the look.

At our New York-based balloon decorating company, we specialize in creating custom balloon decor to fit any theme or occasion. Whether you choose one of these ideas or have your own unique vision, our team is here to bring it to life with our expertise and creativity. 

Gold and Silver Birthday Ceiling Balloons: Pricing & Order

At our balloon decorating company, we pride ourselves on providing transparent pricing for our services. The total cost of our balloon decor depends on several factors, including the type of balloons used, the size and complexity of the design, customization requests, delivery and set-up fees, and any additional services required. 

Our team will work with you to provide a detailed estimate based on your specific needs and budget, so you can have a clear understanding of the total cost before committing to our services. 

Silver and gold make for a classic and elegant color combination for any 

Contact us today to request a free price quote and start planning your perfect silver and gold birthday balloon decor for the ceiling.

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