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Luxury White Wedding Cake With Floral Hoop Wreath

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This luxury white wedding cake with floral hoop wreath, gorgeous fresh roses, a beautiful monogram, luscious sequins, and delicate fondant ruffles is anything but ordinary. It’ll definitely make your guests’ jaws drop. And it’s delish, too! To order this five-tier larger-than-life luxury wedding cake with a gold hoop backdrop, just email our managers today. Let them in on your flavor requirements, specify the number of guests at your reception, indicate the delivery address in New York. We can adjust this luxury white wedding cake with a gold metal rose-adorned hoop wreath ring to match your nuptials’ theme and color palette. Some of the best wedding cakes in NYC are made here.

Dimensions of a Five-Tier Luxury Wedding Cake

This five-tiered masterpiece stands as a symbol of opulence and elegance, each tier meticulously crafted to perfection. Let's delve into the intricate details of its dimensions and composition.

First tier: At the base, a substantial 14-inch diameter tier commands attention, offering a solid foundation for the towering confection. It boasts a rich chocolate sponge, providing structural stability, paired with layers of decadent chocolate ganache.

Second tier: Ascending gracefully, the 12-inch tier exudes sophistication. A velvety vanilla sponge, complemented by luscious raspberry compote, lends both flavor and stability to this layer.

Third tier: The 10-inch tier emanates charm with its delicate lemon sponge infused with tangy lemon curd. This tier adds a refreshing zest while contributing to the cake's structural integrity.

Fourth tier: Standing proud at 8 inches in diameter, this tier introduces a touch of indulgence with its red velvet sponge and creamy cream cheese frosting. Its robust texture ensures stability amid the towering layers.

Fifth tier: Crowned atop the ensemble, the 6-inch tier exudes luxury with its champagne-infused sponge, layered with smooth champagne buttercream. Despite its petite size, this tier adds a final flourish to the towering masterpiece.

Portion size: Each tier yields approximately 20 generous slices, ensuring ample servings for guests to savor.

Guest capacity: With its grand dimensions and generous portions, this five-tiered marvel can accommodate up to 100 guests, making it the epitome of extravagance for elite weddings.

How to Order a Luxury White Wedding Cake in New York City

  1. Submit an inquiry via email with your detailed preferences.
  2. We will send you sketches and options for fillings.
  3. After all approvals, you make the payment.
  4. We deliver the luxurious wedding cake at the agreed-upon time.

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Reviews (1)
Victoria S.
Victoria S.
The luxury white wedding cake for 75 guests was an exquisite centerpiece at our Manhattan venue. Its elegant design and divine flavors delighted everyone. It truly elevated our special day to unparalleled heights.