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Baby Shower Candy Display

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A baby shower is a special occasion that celebrates the upcoming arrival of a new baby. A candy display is a great addition to any baby shower, as it provides a sweet and fun touch to the festivities.

When it comes to a baby shower candy display, there are many cute and creative options to choose from. Some popular themes include a pink and blue candy display for a gender reveal party, a baby animal theme with cute animal-shaped candies, or a classic baby-themed display with pacifier-shaped candies and baby bottle-shaped lollipops.

In addition to the cake, cupcakes, or candy, you can also add some fun decorations to the display, such as custom balloons, banners, or baby-themed props like strollers or onesies.

Overall, a baby shower candy display is a sweet and delightful addition to any baby shower, and it's sure to be enjoyed by all guests, including the mom-to-be.

Baby Shower Candy Display Ideas & Themes

A baby shower is a special event that celebrates the upcoming arrival of a new baby, and a candy display is a great way to add some sweetness and fun to the celebration. If you're looking for some baby shower candy display ideas and themes, here are some suggestions:

  • Pink and Blue Gender Reveal: A candy display in shades of pink and blue is perfect for a gender reveal party. Use unicorn cupcakes, candy in pink and blue hues, like jelly beans, M&Ms, or gummies.

  • Baby Animals: A baby animal-themed candy display is cute and fun. Use animal-shaped candies like gummy bears, animal crackers, or candy bugs.

  • Classic Baby: A classic baby-themed candy display can include custom treats in the shape of pacifiers, baby bottles, or rattles. Add some blue or pink accents to the display to match the baby's gender.

  • Teddy Bears: A teddy bear-themed candy display is adorable and playful. Use candy bears, like gummy bears, teddy bear-shaped lollipops, or bear-shaped chocolates.

  • Sweet Treats: A candy display with an assortment of sweet treats is sure to satisfy every guest's sweet tooth. Include candy like chocolate truffles, mini cupcakes, or sugar cookies.

  • Pastels: A pastel-themed candy display is soft and elegant. Use candy in pastel shades like mint green, lavender, or baby blue

  • Onesies: A onesie-themed candy display is perfect for a baby shower. Use custom cookies in the shape of baby onesies, like sugar cookies or mini cupcakes.

When planning your baby shower candy display, be sure to consider the mom-to-be's preferences and the overall theme of the shower. With these ideas, you can create a sweet and memorable display for all to enjoy.

Order Baby Shower Candy Display 

Want to emphasize the sweetness of your upcoming baby shower and make this celebration of new life truly special? Order a gorgeous unicorn-themed baby shower candy display for your party! With PartyCakesNYC, you won’t have to worry about organizing guest lists, ordering desserts (or, God forbid, making them on your own), renting pink, blue, or multi-colored balloon displays, etc. 

Our professional party planners are ready to complete all these tasks for you. Just contact us now to discuss your baby girl or boy shower candy display ideas and book the date. The price of the display will depend on an array of factors, such as the number of guests, the types of sweets you’ll opt for, along with the additional services like delivery you may need. Our specialists go the extra mile to exceed your expectations and fit into your budget.

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