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Birthday Candy Display

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Wondering where in New York you can order a birthday candy display set up? Today’s your lucky day. Because this service is provided by our professional party planners! Whether you’re looking to order a candy display for your kid’s birthday or your upcoming corporate party, we’ve got you covered.

Choose the theme that tickles your fancy or let us help you with your birthday candy display idea in case you’re on the fence about what’s best for you. Like this donut and macaron inspired gorgeous birthday candy display? Contact us today to order it as is or ask us to incorporate any customizations. Don’t forget that we also provide custom balloons in NYC for all occasions.

Here are the steps for ordering a birthday candy display at our company:

  • Contact us to discuss your requirements and preferences.

  • We'll provide you with a quote and options for the candy display.

  • Once you've confirmed your order, we'll create and deliver your customized candy display on the day of the event.

  • Celebrate your birthday in style!

Birthday Candy Display Ideas 

Here are some birthday candy display ideas and themes to consider:

  • Candyland: A candyland-themed candy display is colorful and playful. Use candy in all colors of the rainbow, like gumballs, Skittles, or jelly beans.

  • Chocolate Lovers: A chocolate-themed candy display is perfect for any chocoholic. Use chocolate bars, truffles, or chocolate-covered pretzels.

  • Movie Night: A movie night-themed candy display is a great addition to any birthday celebration. Use candy like movie theater boxes of candy, popcorn-flavored jelly beans, or licorice.

  • Retro Candy: A retro candy-themed candy display can include classic candies like Necco wafers, candy buttons, or Zotz.

  • Beach Party: A beach party-themed candy display is perfect for a summer birthday celebration. Use candy like gummy sharks, saltwater taffy, or beach ball-shaped lollipops.

  • Circus/Carnival: A circus or carnival-themed candy display is colorful and fun. Use candy like cotton candy, popcorn, or circus animal crackers.

  • Sports: A sports-themed candy display can include candy shaped like basketballs, footballs, or baseballs.

Birthday Candy Displays: Reasons to Order

A birthday candy display is a popular addition to any birthday party celebration. It not only provides a sweet treat for everyone to enjoy, but it also adds a festive touch to the entire event.

People order birthday candy displays for their parties for several reasons. Firstly, it serves as a decorative element that enhances the overall theme and atmosphere of the celebration. Secondly, it provides a fun and interactive way for guests to indulge in some sweet treats, especially during the birthday party games and activities. Moreover, it can serve as a party favor that guests can take home as a memorable keepsake.

In addition to these reasons, birthday candy displays are also a great way to cater to guests with different dietary restrictions. A well-planned display can include options for guests who are gluten-free, vegan, or have nut allergies, ensuring that everyone can enjoy some sweet treats at the party.

Overall, a birthday candy display is a fun and practical addition to any birthday celebration, and it's sure to be appreciated by all guests.

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