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Multi Colored Macarons

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Elegant and delicious, our multi-colored macarons are sure to make your mouth water. We’ll be delighted to create multi-colored macaron cookies for your birthday party, wedding celebration, or corporate event. Whatever the occasion, our pastry masters will assist you in matching all the desserts to the theme and color scheme of your event. 

Our multi-colored macarons are perfect for your:

Our customers often send our multi-colored macarons as gifts to their friends, colleagues, and loved ones. So, just contact us now to order the yummiest multi-colored macarons in your life in just a few clicks!

Multi-Colored Macarons: Recommendations for Ordering

If you're looking to order multi-colored macarons online, here are some recommendations to ensure a successful and pleasurable experience:

Firstly, be specific about the colors and quantities you require. Our team can create custom colors to match your event or theme, so be sure to communicate any specific requests or requirements.

When choosing the filling for your macarons, consider how it will complement the colors and flavors of the shells. Our team can help you choose the perfect filling to complement your macarons.

Next, consider the occasion and any special themes or decorations you might want. We offer a variety of customization options, including color, design, and packaging, to help you create the perfect macarons for your event.

When ordering, make sure to provide accurate delivery information, including any special instructions for delivery or packaging. This will help ensure that your macarons arrive in perfect condition.

Finally, don't hesitate to reach out to our team if you have any questions or concerns. We are always happy to help you create the perfect multi-colored macarons for any occasion. And don’t forget that here, you can also order custom balloons for your upcoming event.

Multi Colored Macaron Ideas & Themes

Here are some multi-colored macaron themes to inspire your next order.

  • Rainbow - decorated with a variety of bright and cheerful colors for a fun and festive look.

  • Beach - decorated with shades of blue and tan for a beachy vibe, or add edible sand for a realistic touch.

  • Bohemian - decorated with rich jewel tones and intricate designs for a boho-chic feel.

  • Princess - decorated with shades of pink and purple, or add edible glitter for a royal touch.

  • Fiesta - decorated with bright and bold colors inspired by Mexican culture, such as red, green, and yellow.

  • Pastel - decorated with soft and muted colors for a delicate and elegant look, perfect for weddings and baby showers.

  • Halloween - decorate with orange, black, and purple for a spooky and festive touch.

  • Sports team - decorate with the colors of your favorite sports team for a fun and unique dessert option.

Cutting to the chase, PartyCakesNYC is where your vision is always taken into consideration. With our dedication to quality and customization, you can trust us to deliver beautiful and delicious macarons straight to your door. Here, you can order macarons online in your favorite colors and most sophisticated shade combos. Contact us now to request a price quote and discuss your order.

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