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Baby Shower Candy Buffet

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No baby shower is complete without a gorgeous candy buffet. Need help with that? We’ve got you covered! At PartyCakesNYC, we create fantastic baby shower candy buffets in New York and surrounding areas. Pink, blue, or multi-colored, packed with balloons, as well as amazing sweets made from scratch by our professionals, your candy buffet is sure to make a collective ‘awww’ among the guests.

Don’t forget that at our company, you can also order custom balloon decor for your upcoming party. You’ll love this balloon hoop for a boy baby shower and this baby shower Croquembouche with the cutest letter balloons ever… So, whether you need a baby shower candy buffet for a girl or a boy, we’ll be delighted to plan the party for you!

Factors that Comprise the Cost of Baby Shower Candy Buffet

Here's a list of factors that comprise the cost of a baby shower candy buffet at our pastry studio:

  • Number of guests: The number of guests attending the baby shower will play a significant role in determining the price of the candy buffet. More guests mean more candy, which translates to higher costs.

  • dessert selection: The type and quality of desserts you choose for the buffet will affect the overall cost. High-end yummies will cost more than basic treats, so consider your budget when selecting the desserts.

  • Decorations: Decorations are an essential part of any candy buffet, and they can add up quickly. Balloons, tablecloths, centerpieces, and other decor items will add to the total cost.

  • Delivery and setup: Depending on the size of the candy buffet, delivery and setup may be required. This service will add to the cost, so be sure to inquire about it when booking the candy buffet. We provide custom cake delivery to any address in New York.

  • Customization: If you want to personalize the candy buffet to match the baby shower's theme or color scheme, it will add to the overall cost. Custom labels, signs, and other elements will require additional time and effort from our pastry studio team.

  • Rental fees: Depending on the display items you choose, rental fees may apply. Glass jars, platters, and other serving dishes will incur additional costs.

  • Timeframe: The length of the baby shower will also affect the cost of the candy buffet. A longer event will require more candy, which will increase the overall cost.

  • Service fee: Our pastry studio may charge a service fee for setting up and maintaining the candy buffet throughout the baby shower.

These are some of the aspects that comprise the cost of a baby shower candy buffet at our pastry studio. By considering these factors, you can create a budget that works for you while still providing a fun and enjoyable candy buffet for your guests.

Baby Shower Candy Buffet Ideas

At our dessert studio, we believe that every baby shower should have a sweet and delicious candy buffet to complement the celebration. Here are some baby shower candy buffet ideas and themes that we offer:

  • Gender reveal: Celebrate the gender of the baby with a candy buffet in pink or blue hues. Our team can even add custom labels with the baby's name and gender!

  • Safari adventure: Create a wild and playful atmosphere with a jungle-themed candy buffet. Our pastry studio can design custom animal-shaped candies to add a touch of fun.

  • Baby's first year: Commemorate the baby's first year with a candy buffet featuring a variety of sweets that represent each month. For example, blue candies for the month of December or red candies for the month of February.

  • Vintage baby shower: Add a touch of nostalgia to the celebration with a vintage-themed candy buffet. Our pastry studio can create custom candy designs to match the theme.

  • Elegant affair: For a more sophisticated baby shower, opt for an elegant candy buffet with gold and silver candies and custom-made macarons.

  • Baby blocks: Spell out the baby's name or initials with candy blocks. Our pastry studio can customize the colors and designs of the blocks to match the baby shower's theme.

At our dessert studio, you can order a baby shower candy buffet with any selection of sweets. Our specialists will be delighted to customize any item from our gallery to suit your needs and fit into your budget. Contact us today to request a price quote, place your online order, and create the perfect candy buffet for your baby shower!

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