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Wedding Cake With Meringue Decor

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If you’re looking for a fondant-free wedding dessert, this wedding cake with meringue decor is a fantastic choice. Beautiful and incredibly scrumptious, this wedding cake with pastel meringue kisses is sure to add that wow factor to your dessert table.

Have questions about the cake? Want to book the date or request a free quote? Looking to place your order? Get in touch with our bakery specialists today and let us in on your design/flavor preferences. With us, your wedding cake with meringue decor will perfectly reflect your taste. We offer both Pavlova delivery and pick-up.

Ordering Our Wedding Cake With Meringue Kisses: Quick Guide

Here is a quick guide for ordering a wedding cake with meringue kisses.

  1. Study our bakery's website and browse our wedding cake designs.

  2. Choose a cake design that fits your wedding theme and style.

  3. Decide on the number of tiers and cake flavors you'd like.

  4. Specify meringue kisses as a decoration option.

  5. Customize the colors and flavors of the meringue kisses to match your wedding colors.

  6. Provide any additional information or design requests in the order notes.

  7. Specify if you or your guests have any food intolerances or allergies.

  8. Let us know if you need custom balloons for your celebration - it’s one of the additional services we provide.

  9. Choose your delivery or pick-up date and time.

  10. Complete the order and payment process.

  11. We'll confirm your order and ensure your cake is delivered or ready for pick-up on time for your wedding day.

Wedding Cake With Meringue Kisses: Ideas & Themes

Here are some ideas and themes for a tiered wedding cake with meringue kisses.

  • Classic elegance: A classic white wedding cake with simple, elegant piping and delicate meringue kisses in white or pastel colors.

  • Floral fantasy: A tiered cake decorated with edible flowers and foliage, with meringue kisses in matching colors. This style works well with a garden or outdoor wedding.

  • Rustic charm: A naked or semi-naked tiered cake with a simple, rustic look, topped with meringue kisses in earthy tones or pastel colors. This style works well with a barn or outdoor wedding.

  • Modern minimalism: A sleek, minimalistic tiered cake with clean lines and geometric shapes, decorated with meringue kisses in bold, contrasting colors.

  • Bohemian dream: A tiered cake with a bohemian vibe, decorated with macrame, feathers, and dreamcatchers, with meringue kisses in warm earth tones and pastel colors.

  • Vintage glamor: A tiered cake with a vintage-inspired design, decorated with metallic accents, pearls, and lace, with meringue kisses in soft pastel colors.

  • Tropical paradise: A tiered cake with a tropical theme, decorated with palm leaves, hibiscus flowers, and tropical fruits, with meringue kisses in vibrant colors.

  • Winter wonderland: A tiered cake with a winter theme, decorated with snowflakes, icicles, and silver accents, with meringue kisses in cool blue and white tones.

With meringue kisses, a tiered wedding cake can be customized to fit any wedding theme or style. The PartyCakesNYC takes pride in creating beautiful and delicious custom wedding cakes for our clients’ dessert tables, and we can work with you to create a beautiful personalized design that fits your vision.

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