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Pavlova Wedding Dessert Table

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This Pavlova wedding dessert table is right up your street if you’re planning a rustic-style, all-natural outdoor wedding reception. To order this gorgeous display as is or make any changes to it, you’re welcome to send us your inquiry and start a discussion with our specialists. Let us in on your ideas, and we’ll happily make them a reality. 

We’ll do our best to make this Pavlova wedding dessert table suit all your preferences and tastes. Whether you prefer flowers or fruit on top, or any other themed decor, our pastry designers are always glad to assist. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and getting back to you with a free price quote.

Tips for Ordering Pavlova Wedding Dessert Table

Pavlova is a popular dessert option for weddings due to its light and airy texture and versatility in terms of flavors and toppings. If you're considering a Pavlova dessert table for your wedding, here are some tips to keep in mind when placing your order:

  1. Choose your favorite flavor: One of the benefits of a Pavlova dessert table is the ability to choose among a range of flavor options. So, take a pick and let us know about your preferences.

  2. Determine the quantity: It's important to have an accurate estimate of the number of guests attending your wedding to ensure you order the appropriate quantity of Pavlova. As a general rule, plan on ordering one Pavlova per person or two Pavlovas per person if you're offering multiple flavors.

  3. Plan ahead for delivery: Pavlovas are delicate and can be difficult to transport, so it's important to plan ahead for delivery to ensure they arrive at your wedding venue in New York in perfect condition. Discuss delivery options and timing with our customer service to ensure they can deliver the Pavlovas in a timely manner.

  4. Consider customization options: At PartyCakesNYC, we offer customization options for Pavlova dessert tables, such as adding edible flowers or customizing the size and shape of the Pavlovas. Discuss your options with your bakery to create a unique and personalized dessert table for your wedding.

  5. Think about dietary restrictions: If you have guests with dietary restrictions, consider offering Pavlovas that cater to their needs, such as vegan or gluten-free options. Make sure to communicate any dietary restrictions to our managers when placing your order.

  6. Opt for quality ingredients: To ensure the best flavor and texture, our pastry chefs opt for Pavlovas made with high-quality ingredients such as fresh eggs, cream, and fruits. Discuss ingredient options with your bakery to ensure you're getting the best quality products for your dessert table.

By keeping these tips in mind when placing your Pavlova dessert table order, you can create a stunning and delicious dessert display for your wedding that your guests will love. So, why waste your precious time. Just drop us a line to request a free price quote and start discussing your order with our specialists. We appreciate your interest in our pastry studio greatly and are eagerly awaiting your inquiry.

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