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Easter Bunny Butt Cupcakes

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Specifications of Our Cupcakes

  1. Size: Typically 2.5-3 inches in diameter.
  2. Minimum Order: One dozen cupcakes required.
  3. Fillings Available: Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon, Red Velvet. One flavor choice per dozen.
  4. Care Instructions: It is recommended to keep cupcakes refrigerated and to consume within 5 days of purchase.
  5. Packaging Options: Cardboard boxes with clear windows, plastic containers with lids, and decorative stands.

Get ready to giggle with our Easter Bunny Butt cupcakes! These chocolatey delights feature fluffy buttercream "grass" with adorable edible bunny butts perched on top. It's a playful twist on the traditional Easter treat that'll have everyone hopping with laughter. 

But wait, there's more fun to be had! We can add extra decor elements to this design, like fondant carrots or colorful sprinkles, to make your cupcakes even more egg-citing. Plus, if you want to send a sweet message along with your treats, we can personalize them with a custom message piped in frosting. So, whether you're hosting an Easter brunch or surprising a friend with a sweet gift, our Bunny Butt Easter cupcakes are sure to be a hit!

Easter Bunny Butt Cupcakes: 5 Steps to Order Online

Ordering our hilarious Easter Bunny Butt cupcakes online with delivery in New York is as easy as pie (or should we say, cupcakes)! Follow these five simple steps to get your hands on these awesome treats:

  1. Browse Our Cake Gallery. Hop on over to our website and navigate to the "Easter Cupcakes" section. You'll find our Bunny Butt cupcakes front and center, ready to add some giggles to your celebration.
  2. Specify Your Quantity. Let us in on how many Bunny Bum cupcakes you want to order. Whether you need a dozen for a party or just a few for a fun surprise, we've got you covered.
  3. Customize Your Order. Want to add extra decor elements or personalize your cupcakes with a message? No problem! Select any customization options available to make your order truly egg-ceptional.
  4. Choose Delivery or Pickup. Decide whether you want your Bunny Butt cupcakes delivered straight to your door or if you prefer to pick them up from our bakery location.
  5. Place Your Order. Once you've decided on all the details, send us your inquiry and eagerly await our prompt reply. When you confirm your order, just sit back, relax, and get ready to enjoy some seriously funny cupcakes!

With just a few clicks, you'll be well on your way to delighting friends and family with these adorable Easter treats. Order now and get ready to make everyone's Easter egg-stra special with our Bunny Bum custom cupcakes!

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