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Need car cookies with delivery in New York? PartyCakesNYC has got you covered! Our bakery is cruising through the city streets delivering the most delectable car cookies you've ever seen. Whether you're a kid dreaming of racing cars or an adult reminiscing about your first ride, we've got the perfect custom cookie for every car enthusiast out there.

Our car cookies aren't just for show. They're baked with love and attention to detail, which makes them a treat for both the eyes and the taste buds. From sleek sports cars to vintage classics, our personalized cookie collection is as diverse as the streets of New York.

Car Cookies: Pick Your Favorite Decoration Idea

Get ready to put the pedal to the metal with our fantastic car cookie designs! Our bakery is serving a variety of car-shaped treats that are sure to delight both kids and adults. Here's a list of the car cookie designs and decorations that our clients love:

  • Sleek Sports Cars. Zoom into flavor town with cookies shaped like sleek sports cars, perfect for those with a need for speed.
  • Classic Vintage Cars. Take a trip down memory lane with vintage car cookies that evoke nostalgia and timeless style.
  • Racing Cars. For the adrenaline junkies, we have racing car cookies that are ready to race into your mouth.
  • Convertible Cars. Let the top down and enjoy convertible-shaped cookies that are as fun to look at as they are to eat.
  • Trucks and SUVs. For those who prefer something a bit bigger, we offer truck and SUV-shaped cookies that are loaded with flavor.
  • Police Cars and Fire Trucks. Honor our everyday heroes with cookies shaped like police cars and fire trucks, perfect for themed parties and events.
  • Taxis and Limousines. Add a touch of sophistication to your event with cookies shaped like taxis and limousines, ideal for city-themed parties.
  • Off-Road Vehicles. Get adventurous with off-road vehicle cookies that are rugged, yet delicious.
  • Custom Designs. Want something specific? We also offer custom car cookie designs, so you can have a cookie that's uniquely yours.

Car Cookies: We Deliver Them Throughout New York

Our bakery delivers mouthwatering car cookies right to your doorstep, no matter where you are in NYC. Whether you're uptown, downtown, or somewhere in between, we've got you covered. 

Each of our car cookies is meticulously decorated with colorful icing and edible details to bring these automotive masterpieces to life. Whether you're planning a birthday party, a corporate event, or just want to treat yourself, our car cookies are the perfect choice. So, buckle up and order your favorite car cookie designs today!

Reviews (1)
You've exceeded my expectations. These car cookies were so good. And the birthday guy enjoyed them. Thanks PartyCakesNYC