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Pistachio cheesecake is a delectable twist on the classic New York cheesecake, infused with the irresistible nutty flavor of pistachios. The creamy and velvety filling, combined with the crunchy texture of the pistachio crust, creates a heavenly dessert that's sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Our pistachio cheesecakes make perfect holiday desserts. Weddings, Christmas corporate events, birthday parties, baby showers, engagements… These and many other special occasions deserve our scrumptious cheesecakes coated in chopped pistachios. 

How & Where to Buy Pistachio Cheesecake Online

Feel free to buy an amazing pistachio cheesecake by placing your online order at our bakery website. Any design personalizations and recipe adjustments are welcome. We’re here to satisfy even the most exquisite taste of our customers! 

If you're looking to order pistachio cheesecake from our bakery, here are some helpful tips.

  • Check availability - Make sure to inquire about the availability of the pistachio cheesecake before placing your order.

  • Specify size - Be sure to specify the size of the cheesecake you'd like to buy online.

  • Advance order - Order in advance to ensure availability.

  • Special requests - Let us know if you have any special requests or dietary restrictions.

  • Delivery or pickup - Decide if you want to pick up your order or have it delivered.

Don’t forget that we accept bulk orders from cafes and restaurants and offer delivery. PartyCakesNYC is the best bakery for the pistachio lovers of New York. Furthermore, our specialists provide such additional services as custom balloon decor and floral display set-up. 

Pistachio Cheesecake Price: What It Depends On

At our bakery, the price of a custom pistachio cheesecake can vary depending on several factors. Here are the most significant factors that can impact the price of a personalized pistachio cheesecake.

  • Size - The size of the cheesecake can significantly impact its price. A larger cake requires more ingredients and labor, making it more expensive.

  • Ingredients - The quality and cost of ingredients used to make the cheesecake can impact its price. Using premium pistachios and high-quality cream cheese can increase the price of the cake.

  • Design - The complexity of the design or decoration of the cake can impact its price. Intricate designs or personalized messages can require more time and effort, making the cake more expensive.

  • Delivery - The cost of delivery, especially for long-distance shipping, can impact the price of the cake.

Why Our Clients Love Our Pistachio Cheesecakes

Our customers love ordering personalized pistachio cheesecakes from our bakery for several reasons. Firstly, our pistachio cheesecake is irresistibly delish. Secondly, our bakery offers the option to personalize the cake with a special message or design, making it a perfect gift for special occasions like birthdays or weddings. Finally, our customers love the convenience of being able to order online and have the custom cake delivered as a gift directly to their loved ones.

When ordering a custom pistachio cheesecake from our bakery, we always work closely with our customers to ensure that their vision is realized. We use high-quality ingredients and pay close attention to detail to create a unique and personalized cake that meets their expectations. Our customers appreciate the care and attention that we put into each cake, and they are willing to pay a premium price for the exceptional quality and taste of our custom pistachio cheesecakes.

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