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Moon & Stars Cake Pops

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Cosmic Cake Pops: Crafting Terms & Conditions

  • Embark on a celestial journey with a minimum order of one dozen cosmic cake pops.
  • Request pricing details via email and watch as your preferences are swiftly transformed into a personalized quote.
  • Savor our freshly made-to-order cake pops, maintaining their cosmic freshness for up to 5 days at room temperature.
  • Enjoy daily delivery within New York City, even on weekends, or opt for convenient self-pickup. Find our location here.
  • Delight in your choice of delectable chocolate or vanilla fillings for your galactic cake pops.

Top 6 Cosmic Sky Cake Pops with Moon & Stars

Galaxy baby shower theme

Set off on an intergalactic voyage with our Galaxy-inspired baby shower desserts! Surprise your guests with cake pops shaped like different celestial bodies such as the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Earth. Every taste transports them on a cosmic escapade of taste and excitement!

Month and Stars Cake Pops

Dive into an out-of-this-world party experience with our Month and Stars Cake Pops! Bursting with galactic colors, these pops are ideal for commemorating a 10th birthday. Enhanced with detailed moon and star decorations, they elevate the ambiance of any occasion.

Black Among Us Cake Pops

Enter the shadows with our Black Among Us Cake Pops, adorned with shimmering star details. Each pop showcases vivid skins reminiscent of the beloved game, infusing your dessert display with an aura of intrigue and thrill.

Galactic Adventure Cake Pops

Embark on an exceptional voyage with our Galactic Adventure Cake Pops. Drawing inspiration from the universe and the Aurora Borealis, these one-of-a-kind delicacies whisk you away to far-off galaxies. Each pop is a delightful blend of taste and creativity, promising a cosmic experience like no other.

Baby Blue Galaxy Cake Pops

Savor the cosmic delight of our Baby Blue Galaxy Cake Pops. Each collection comprises 12 vividly blue confections on sticks, evoking the tranquil shades of the cosmos. Ideal for infusing a celestial charm into any gathering or event.

Space Explorer Cake Pops

Embark on an interstellar adventure with our Space Explorer Cake Pops! These charming confections showcase playful depictions of astronauts, rockets, and celestial bodies. Ideal for space-themed celebrations, they spark imagination and satiate sweet cravings with each delectable nibble.

Celestial Celebrations: Moon & Stars Cake Pops for Every Occasion

  1. Baby showers: Welcome the newest member of your family under a star-studded sky.
  2. Birthdays: Add a touch of magic to milestone celebrations with celestial treats.
  3. Weddings: Illuminate your special day with these enchanting cosmic confections.
  4. Graduations: Reach for the stars and celebrate academic achievements in style.
  5. Anniversaries: Mark years of love and partnership with these heavenly delights.

Don't miss out on our Galaxy-themed cakes and cake pops available here. For an extra cosmic touch, check out our Galaxy cupcakes here. These treats are perfect for adding a dash of celestial magic to any event!

Reviews (2)
I ordered Moon Cake Pops for a corporate event, and they were a huge hit! The attention to detail and the exquisite taste impressed everyone. I highly recommend them for any occasion!
These Moon Cake Pops were the highlight of my daughter's space-themed birthday party! They were not only visually stunning but also delicious. Thank you for adding a touch of magic to our celebration!