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Cat Cake Pops

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Indulge in our delightful cat face cake pops, meticulously handcrafted with fondant decor. Available in various colors including ginger, white, grey, and black. Each piece is a work of art, showcasing intricate handcrafted details. Moreover, we offer customization options, allowing you to request any cat character, whether from movies, cartoons, or your imagination. Our skilled artisans can bring any feline friend to life in the form of these adorable treats. Whether you're a fan of classic tabbies, sleek panthers, or whimsical animated cats, we've got you covered. These charming cake pops are not only visually appealing but also irresistibly delicious, making them perfect for parties, events, or as a sweet gift for cat lovers. Treat yourself and your loved ones to these delightful confections, sure to bring joy and smiles to any occasion. Order now and experience the purr-fect blend of artistry and flavor with our cat-themed cake pops.

6 Adorable Kitty Cake Pop Designs

Pink Kitty Cake Pops

Surprise your birthday girl with our delightful Pink Kitty Cake Pops. Adorned with adorable pink decor, these sweet treats are perfect for her special day, adding a touch of whimsy and joy.

Cheshire Cat Cake Pops

Immerse yourself in Wonderland with our Cheshire Cat Cake Pops! Featuring the iconic grin and mischievous charm of the beloved character from Alice in Wonderland, these cake pops are sure to enchant and delight.

Wedding Cat Cake Pops

Add a touch of whimsy to your wedding with our adorable cat-themed cake pops. Featuring a white cat bride and a brown cat groom adorned with a red butterfly, these charming treats are purr-fect for your special day!

Black and White Cat Face Cake Pops

Delight in our charming Black and White Cat Face Cake Pops. Each bite-sized treat features a meticulously crafted cat face design, combining the elegance of black and white hues for a visually striking and irresistibly delicious experience. Perfect for cat lovers and special occasions alike.

Pusheen Cat Cake Pops

Indulge in our Pusheen Cat Cake Pops set, featuring 16 adorable treats in 4 different Pusheen-inspired designs. Each bite-sized delight captures the playful charm of Pusheen, perfect for cat lovers of all ages to enjoy!

Ginger Kitten Cake Pops

Surprise your adorable 4-year-old with our Ginger Kitten Cake Pops! These sweet treats are perfect for little ones, featuring cute ginger kitten designs that will surely bring smiles and joy to their special day.

7 Reasons Why Cat Cake Pops Are Better to Order Than Cake

  1. Variety: Cat cake pops offer a diverse range of flavors and designs, catering to individual preferences and dietary restrictions.
  2. Portion Control: Cake pops provide built-in portion control, making them ideal for guests who prefer smaller servings.
  3. Convenience: With their stick handles, cake pops are easy to serve and enjoy, eliminating the need for utensils or plates.
  4. Customization: Each cat cake pop can be uniquely customized to match the theme or color scheme of any event.
  5. Novelty: Cake pops add a fun and whimsical element to any occasion, delighting guests with their adorable cat designs.
  6. Less Mess: Cake pops are less messy than traditional cakes, reducing cleanup time and hassle for hosts and guests.
  7. Kid-Friendly: Children love the bite-sized nature and cute designs of cat cake pops, making them a hit at birthday parties and family gatherings.

Kitten Cake Pops: Fillings and Packaging

Indulge in our delectable Cakepops with your choice of chocolate or vanilla fillings. Each pop is carefully crafted and can be individually packaged in transparent wrapping, allowing the beauty of the treat to shine through. Enhance your display with a variety of stands to create a stunning arrangement.

How to Order Cat Cake Pops?

In just a few simple steps, you can order our cake pops.

  1. Firstly, browse our designs on the website.
  2. Next, fill out a request form with your contact details and preferences, including delivery date, customized messages, quantity, and design adjustments.
  3. Finally, our pastry chef will personally reach out to finalize all the details with you.

If you need assistance in selecting a dessert design, creating a custom layout, or require a free consultation, simply leave a request via email. Our pastry chef will reach out to assist you. Additionally, we offer tasting sessions for large orders.

FAQs About Cat Cake Pops

The minimum order is 12 pieces.

We recommend storing them in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Yes, we offer both delivery and pickup options for Cat Cake Pops for our customers' convenience.

Yes, we create cake pops for weddings, corporate events, themed parties, children's celebrations, Halloween, and many other occasions.

We use handmade decorations, including 3D modeling from fondant or edible photo printing, to create unique and memorable designs.

Reviews (3)
Ordered Cat Cake Pops for a corporate event, and they were a hit! The attention to detail in the design was impressive, and they tasted amazing. Will definitely be ordering again for future occasions!
These Cat Cake Pops were the highlight of our wedding reception! Our guests couldn't stop raving about how cute and tasty they were. Highly recommend for any cat lover's event!
Absolutely loved the Cat Cake Pops I ordered for my daughter's birthday party! They were not only adorable but also incredibly delicious. Thank you for adding a special touch to our celebration!