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Corporate Dessert Buffet

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Planning to order a corporate dessert buffet for an upcoming office or outdoor business event? Our specialists have helped thousands of companies set up, style, and manage their corporate dessert buffets. 

Depending on the occasion, your dessert buffet can be elegant and sophisticated, or rustic and laid-back. Whatever your corporate event theme or ideas may be, at PartyCakesNYC, we are experienced enough to bring them to life.

Here are the desserts you can order from our bakery for your corporate dessert buffet:

Corporate Dessert Buffet Price

Corporate dessert buffets can be an awesome way to end a business event or a conference, as they provide an array of sweet treats to satisfy everyone's taste buds. However, determining the price of a corporate dessert buffet can be tricky as it depends on several factors. Below are some factors that may affect the price of a corporate dessert buffet:

  • Venue: The location of the event can significantly affect the price of the dessert buffet. If the venue is high-end, it may come with a high rental fee, and the catering company may have to factor this into the price of the dessert buffet.

  • Number of Guests: The number of guests expected at the event will impact the cost of the dessert buffet. The more guests there are, the more desserts the catering company will have to provide, which can increase the overall cost.

  • Types of Desserts: The variety and complexity of the desserts served at the event can also influence the price. For example, desserts that require specialized ingredients, intricate designs or decorations, or more time to prepare can drive up the price of the dessert buffet.

  • Service Staff: The number of service staff required to set up and run the dessert buffet can also affect the price. If more staff are needed to handle the dessert buffet, the catering company may charge more to cover their wages.

  • Equipment Rental: If the catering company needs to rent additional equipment such as tables, linens, or serving utensils, this can add to the overall cost of the dessert buffet.

  • Time of Day: The time of day the event takes place can also impact the price of the dessert buffet. For example, a breakfast or lunch dessert buffet may be less expensive than an evening dessert buffet due to the lower expectations of variety and grandeur.

  • Location: The location of the event can also play a role in the price of the dessert buffet. If the event is in a remote location, the catering company may have to factor in additional transportation costs.

To wrap up, when planning a corporate dessert buffet, it's essential to consider these factors to determine the price. Each of these factors plays a significant role in determining the overall cost of the dessert buffet, and we often take these factors into account when providing a quote for their services. Contact us now to request a price quote for the services you need in terms of a corporate dessert buffet.

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