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Wedding Candy Buffet

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Wedding candy buffets are a great alternative for couples who aren’t fond of the traditional wedding cake presentation. If you’re planning to order a candy buffet set up for your upcoming wedding party, we totally understand your choice.

Candy buffets look more thoughtful and impactful than single cake stands. Furthermore, due to the vast choice of desserts they offer, wedding candy buffets are a great way to please your guests with their most favorite sweets. To order a custom wedding candy buffet with your favorite sweets, just contact our managers now.

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Wedding Candy Buffet Ideas 

A wedding candy buffet is a delish and memorable way to add a personalized touch to your special day. Here are some wedding candy buffet ideas to make your wedding even sweeter.

  • Classic romance: Create a candy buffet featuring traditional wedding candies such as Jordan almonds, white chocolate truffles, and heart-shaped chocolates.

  • Rustic charm: For a rustic themed wedding, create a candy buffet featuring mason jars filled with homemade cookies, popcorn, and other comfort sweets.

  • Beachy vibes: For a beach wedding, create a candy buffet featuring custom cupcakes in shades of blue and green, seashell chocolates, and other ocean-inspired treats.

  • Candy bar cocktails: Offer your guests the chance to create their own candy cocktails by providing different candy flavors and pairing them with drinks.

  • Color-coordinated: Create a candy buffet featuring unique desserts in the colors of your wedding theme or the bridesmaids' dresses.

  • Vintage-inspired: For a vintage-inspired wedding, create a candy buffet featuring old-fashioned candies such as rock candy, candy sticks, and homemade caramels.

  • Garden party: Create a candy buffet featuring floral-inspired sweets such as rose petals, lavender-infused truffles, and floral hard candies.

  • Seasonal celebrations: For a fall wedding, create a candy buffet featuring seasonal sweets such as caramel apples, pumpkin spice candies, and maple-flavored treats.

  • Dessert bar: Combine your candy buffet with other dessert options such as a cake bar or a doughnut wall for a sweet overload.

Wedding Candy Buffet: Factors Affecting the Price

Several factors can affect the price of a wedding candy buffet, including the number of guests, the types of desserts you’ll choose, and the overall display style. The more guests attending the wedding, the more treats will be needed, and thus, the higher the cost. 

The type of desserts chosen can also affect the price, as premium or specialty candies can be more expensive than standard options. Additionally, the display style, such as custom decorations or elaborate arrangements, can also impact the cost. Other factors may include the location, the availability of the ingredients, and any additional services requested, such as setup and delivery.

At our New York-based pastry studio, we can customize any wedding candy buffet to fit your wedding theme and preferences. Our team can also create custom labels and packaging to showcase your wedding date and names. Contact us to discuss your options, request a price quote, and create the perfect candy buffet for your big day!

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