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Corporate Candy Buffet

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A corporate candy buffet is a sweet and fun addition to any business event, from company parties to client meetings. At our pastry studio, we offer a variety of candy options and themes to create a customized candy buffet that aligns with your company's branding and event goals.

Our team can even create custom labels and packaging to showcase your brand. A corporate candy buffet can create a memorable and unique experience for your clients or employees, while also boosting morale and promoting team building.

In addition to custom desserts, we also offer custom balloon decor with set-up and delivery in New York. You’ll absolutely love our:

At PartyCakesNYC, we are among New York’s leaders in creating, decorating, and managing custom candy buffet displays for corporate events. We cater for all sorts of corporate event styles, themes, and occasions. 

Corporate Candy Buffet Ideas 

Here are some corporate candy buffet ideas to make your business event even sweeter:

  • Brand-themed: Showcase your company's brand with a candy buffet featuring unique desserts in your company's colors and custom labels with your logo.

  • Conference survival kit: Create a candy buffet featuring snacks and sweets to help your attendees stay energized and focused during a long conference.

  • Team-building: Add an element of competition and teamwork to your event with a candy buffet featuring a variety of candies and a challenge to see which team can create the most creative candy display.

  • Client gifts: Impress your clients with a personalized candy buffet featuring their favorite sweets and custom packaging with your company's logo.

  • Seasonal celebrations: Celebrate holidays such as Halloween or Valentine's Day with a candy buffet featuring seasonal sweets and custom packaging.

  • Product launch: Showcase your new product with a candy buffet featuring candies that match the product's colors and custom packaging with the product's name and logo.

  • Health-conscious: For a healthier option, create a candy buffet featuring fruit and nut-based sweets and other healthier options.

Ordering Corporate Candy Buffets Online: Pricing & Details

The total price of a corporate candy buffet can vary depending on several factors, including the size of the buffet, dessert selection, customization, decorations, delivery, and setup. 

The number of attendees and the amount of candy needed will determine the size of the candy buffet, while the type and quality of candy and customizations, such as personalized labels and packaging, will affect the cost. 

Decorations, delivery, and setup may also add to the total price. At our New York-based studio of custom sweet treats, we offer a range of options and can work with you to create a customized candy buffet that fits your budget.

At our dessert studio, we can customize any corporate candy buffet to fit your event and preferences. Our team can also create custom labels and packaging to showcase your brand. 

A corporate candy buffet can create a memorable and unique experience for your clients or employees, while also promoting team building and boosting morale. Contact us to discuss your options and create the perfect candy buffet for your next corporate event!

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