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Paw Patrol Honey Cake

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This heart shaped Paw Patrol-themed honey cake with edible photo decor is beautiful and incredibly delicious. Whether you want it as is or need to modify the decor to your liking, our bakers and pastry decorators are always here for you. 

You can order this heart-shaped Paw Patrol honey cake online by emailing us your preferences, along with such details as your paw-ty date, required number of servings, flavor preferences, design customizations, and delivery address in New York. 

Wondering about the price of this cake featuring edible images of Paw Patrol characters? The cost is determined by an array of factors. For more details, please scroll down to explore our FAQ section. At our bakery, we’re always delighted to accommodate our customers’ requests. Contact our team now to get the discussion started.

Heart-Shaped Paw Patrol Cake: 5 Tips to Order

If you haven’t ordered custom made cakes online before and the procedure seems exhausting to you, don’t panic. It’s as easy as pie here with PartyCakesNYC Just contact us and share the details about your upcoming party. We’ll be delighted to accommodate. To speed up the process of completing your online purchase, you’re welcome to follow the tips below.

  1. Contact our bakery at your earliest convenience. That way, you’ll get the chance to sit back, relax, and have our team make it on time. 
  2. You don’t have to specify your favorite design in the very first email. Having no idea about the cake decor you want is normal. Our experienced bakers and decorators of custom sweet treats are always ready to recommend the best option.
  3. Discuss every vital aspect of your order with our managers, such as your delivery venue or the potential need to set up your dessert table
  4. Looking for next-day or even same-day delivery? Let us know about it ASAP for us to react instantly.
  5. Haven’t encountered what you’re seeking in the gallery of our sweet works? We personalize cakes from our catalog all the time. Just describe your vision to our pros and they will be happy to make it a reality.

Paw Patrol Honey Cake FAQ

How far in advance should I place an order?

Book the date as early as possible. That way, you get the chance to seal the deal ASAP.

Do I need to place a deposit?

Yes. We only start working on the project when the deposit is placed.

What impacts the cost of your personalized treats?

The price of our desserts depends on such factors as:

  • your choice of the decor, size, and shape of the cake;
  • your choice of flavor and filling;
  • any additional services you might need.

How much will my cake cost?

Our simplest one-tier custom cakes start at $130. But the final cost in your case will depend on your unique order characteristics.

Do you deliver?

Yes. We will be happy to deliver your cake straight to your door. Our delivery team is one of a kind.

Is pick-up available, too?

Yes. We offer pick-up from the majority of our locations. This saves our clients hefty amounts of money. Contact us now to place your online order.

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