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Celebrate your kiddo’s love for speed and fun with this Hot Wheels-themed cake. Our custom birthday cakes are ideal for the little car aficionados in your life. With awesome sculpted details and vibrant designs, our personalized desserts are sure to wow all your party guests. 

You can order this Hot Wheels cake as is or browse through our Hot Wheels cake gallery for more ideas to suit any taste and budget. Whether you’re looking for a smaller cake with a themed edible image on it or need a tiered sweet masterpiece, our dessert artisans are here to accommodate any request.

With us, you can order Hot Wheels cake featuring any decoration element, including:

  • edible hand-sculpted figurines;
  • chocolate drips;
  • cute lollipops;
  • number-shaped toppers;
  • edible pics;
  • themed mini cupcakes etc.

All our treats are baked from scratch with the highest-quality ingredients and expertly crafted to ensure their awesome design and taste. So, irrespective of the type of the upcoming event, a Hot Wheels-themed cake ordered from our bakery will totally make your kiddo’s day.

10 Tips to Order Hot Wheels Cake Online

If you’re about to order a custom cake for the first time in your life, the whole process may seem confusing. No worries. It’s exceptionally simple here at PartyCakesNYC. Just email us and tell us all about your preferences in terms of your favorite cake design. Don’t forget to mention your favorite flavor combination. Let us in on how many people the cake should feed, for us to be able to recommend the perfect dessert size in your case. Specify your approximate budget, too. It will guarantee you the best solution at a fair price.

Here are some useful tips for ordering a Hot Wheels cake online.

  1. Decide on your favorite design idea. This step is optional. If you have no idea what you want, our specialists will gladly provide you with professional advice.
  2. Place your order as early as possible. It will allow you to securely book the required date and generally go through the entire process without haste. 
  3. Talk through all the important points with our pros, including delivery and extra services if needed before placing a deposit.
  4. Need next-day or even same-day delivery? Let the managers in on it right away, because we offer both!
  5. Haven’t found what you’re looking for in our Hot Wheel cake catalog? We customize. In fact, most of our sweet projects involve a high level of customization. Just describe your idea to our experts and we’ll be delighted to bring it to life. 

Hot Wheels Cake Price FAQ

What will my Hot Wheels cake price be?

Our custom buttercream cakes start at $130. The final price of the cake in your case will depend on your requirements and order details.

What are the factors that influence the price of your custom cakes?

These factors are:

  • your preferred cake shape, size, and design;
  • your choice of flavor and filling combination; 
  • whether you need additional services like delivery or dessert setup or not.

Which Hot Wheels cake will be more expensive: fondant or buttercream?

Generally speaking, fondant designs are more expensive than their buttercream counterparts. But that also depends on the size of the cake you need, and whether you’ll also need additional services. 

How can I save money on a birthday cake without compromising on quality?

Just notify us of your approximate budget in the first place. Once determine how much you’re ready to spend on the cake, we’ll get the chance to offer you the best solution - while fitting into your budget along the way. Contact us now to get a price quote for a Hot Wheels car cake of your choice and place your online order.

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