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Hot Wheels Edible Image Cake

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Are you interested in taking your little one’s birthday party up a notch? Order an awesome Hot Wheels edible image cake for the celebration. At PartyCakesNYC, we custom-design one-of-a-kind Hot Wheels cakes with edible posters and any other additional decoration elements, such as:

  • Oreo cookies;
  • M&M's;
  • buttercream swirls;
  • small fondant details like wheels or racing flags;
  • scrumptious macarons, etc. 

Celebrate the right way, with quality ingredients and one of a kind sweet creations by PartyCakesNYC. Buy this Hot Wheels edible image cake online for a true taste from the angels.

Hot Wheels Edible Image Cake: Quick Guide for Ordering

Yes, finding the best bakery for ordering the cutest and yummiest birthday cake for your kiddo can be difficult. With that in mind, the whole process is very easy here at our dessert studio. Just follow the steps from our guide below to succeed.

  1. Opt for the best design and decoration idea for you. Do you want your Hot Wheels-themed edible image cake to be round or square? Do you prefer it to be fondant or buttercream? Toppers or chocolate drips? Edible sprinkles or colored M&Ms? We’re here to transform any idea into reality for you!
  2. Explore sizes and portions. How many people should your cake feed? Talk it through with our managers and they’ll help you stick with the best-suiting size in your case.
  3. Customize the chosen design. Tell us about your preferences. What’s your favorite flavor combo? Any decoration ideas you specifically fancy? This information will help us create the best Hot Wheels cake for your child’s upcoming birthday party.
  4. Place a deposit. It’s a must-do if you want to book the date of your event and guarantee yourself timely delivery from our bakery.  Have the time of your life resting and watching our dessert artisans craft the wow-worthiest cake for your kiddo.

Hot Wheels Themed Edible Image Cake: FAQ

How far in advance should I order my Hot Wheels edible image cake?

Book the date as early as possible. This approach will guarantee you the best cake for the exact date you require. Simple as that. 

Do I need to place a deposit?

Yes. By placing a deposit, you securely book the date of your event in our working calendar and get the us-making-the-best-cake-for-you process started. 

How much will my Hot Wheels-themed edible image cake cost?

Our simplest custom treats start at $130. How much your cake will cost is determined by the decor you’ll stick with, along with your preferred flavor combination and extra services. Yes, complex fondant designs are more expensive in comparison with their simpler buttercream counterparts. That’s a given.

Do you deliver your cakes?

Yes, of course. We will delightfully deliver your cake to almost any venue in NYC. We deliver our personalized baked goods with impressive speed and exceptional care. 

Can I pick up the cake?

Yes. We offer pick-up from an array of our NYC locations. This aids our clients in saving majorly on delivery fees. Contact us today to discuss the issue in detail.

Can you customize your flavors to create something extraordinary?

Yes. We practice flavor customization on an ongoing basis. Just let us know about your most preferred flavor combos and let’s get the discussion going. 

Hot Wheels Edible Image Cakes: What’s Your Favorite Idea?

At PartyCakesNYC, we happily accept bespoke and customization requests. Whether you’d like to order this particular Hot Wheels edible image cake as is or incorporate any customizations, we’ll gladly accommodate. Browse through our gallery for more ideas, follow our tips, explore our FAQs, or just contact us now to place your order right away.

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