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Hot Wheels Car Cake

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Are you in search of a cool Hot Wheels car cake? Today’s your lucky day! Whether you want a 3D Hot Wheels car cake or simply need a round cake with a Hot Wheels-inspired car edible print, our bakery is your go-to place for ordering. 

Our pastry chefs will make sure that you will get the best, perfectly personalized sweet creation with your child’s favorite flavor. Kids’ birthday cakes are the brightest part of the celebration. So, make sure you order a memorable Hot Wheels car birthday cake for your little one’s forthcoming special day. Contact us now to share your ideas and place your order.

Blue Hot Wheels Car Cake: 5 Steps to Order Online

We know that ordering the cutest and yummiest children’s birthday cake can be challenging. With that in mind, the whole procedure is exceptionally easy here at our bakery. Just follow these quick steps to place your order online:

  1. Choose the design. Like this particular Hot Wheels-inspired 3D car cake design? Great. Need something less intricate? We’re always ready to help. Let us know about your ideas now.
  2. Zero in on the issue of sizes and portions. How many guests should your cake feed? Let us know about it and we’ll help you stay with the best-suiting cake size for you.
  3. Get the modification going. Tell us what you love the most: your top fav flavors, fillings, and decoration ideas you’d like us to make a reality. This will help us create the best Hot Wheels cake for your kiddo’s birthday.
  4. Place a deposit. This step reserves the required date for you in our working schedule. It seals the seriousness of your intentions and reflects our utmost dedication to work with you and create the dessert of your dreams.
  5. Sit back, relax, and enjoy watching our dessert masters craft the wow-worthiest Hot Wheels car cake for your upcoming party.

Hot Wheels Car Cake: FAQ

How far in advance should I order my Hot Wheels-inspired blue car cake?

Do it at your earliest convenience. That way, you’ll guarantee yourself the best cake for the exact date you need. 

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, we do. It guarantees that our bakers will create that special cake for your child’s birthday in the best shape - and that our delivery guys will deliver it straight to your door and perfectly on time.

What will the final price of my Hot Wheels-themed car-shaped cake be?

Our simplest custom desserts start at $130. How much your cake will cost depends on the design you’ll opt for, along with your preferred flavor combination and additional services. Needless to say that complex fondant designs are costlier compared to their simpler buttercream brothers. 

Do you deliver your desserts?

We most certainly do. We will happily deliver your car cake to almost any venue in NYC and nearby locations. We deliver our customized baked goods with impressive speed and exceptional care. 

Can I pick up the cake?

Sure. We offer pick-up from most of our NYC locations. This helps our clients save majorly on delivery fees. Drop us a line today to discuss the issue in detail.

Can you customize your flavors to suit my taste?

Of course. We practice flavor customization on a regular basis. Just let us know about your top favorite flavor combos and let’s get the discussion started. 

Hot Wheels Car Cake: Ideas Are Endless

Beautifully sculpted 3D cake constructions, creative and budget-friendly edible images, cute fondant figurines… We have tons of ideas for your Hot Wheels-themed car cake. Cool and mouth-watering, our birthday cakes are eternally praised by our regular customers. So, are you ready to take your sweet tooth somewhere truly decadent? Explore our gallery for ideas, follow our useful tips, and contact us now to order the perfect custom dessert for your upcoming party.

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