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Blue Lock Anime Soccer Cake

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Specifications of Our Blue Lock Cake

  1. Size: 6" minumun
  2. Fillings Available: Vanilla sponge, Chocolate sponge, Carrot cake, Red velvet.
  3. Care Instructions: It is recommended to keep the cake refrigerated and to consume within 5 days of purchase.
  4. Packaging Options: Cardboard boxes with clear windows and decorative stands.

The cake pictured is a Blue Lock-themed treat for anime fans, with a cosmic color scheme. Edible toppers of the main characters adorn the cake: here's a list of all the main characters: Isagi Yoichi, Nagi Mikado, Bachira, Barou Kiryuu, Chigiri Gen, Bachira Nagi, Ren Isagi, Rin Itoshi, Raichi Teppei, Rensuke Kunigami.

The filling is chocolate. Additionally, you can complement this cake with galaxy cake pops and blue macarons. A boy would be thrilled with this thematic gift, which is not only visually stunning but also incredibly delicious.

You can easily order our Blue Lock anime soccer cake in New York City with convenient delivery options or choose to pick it up directly from our location. Our address is here. Indulge in this themed treat featuring a cosmic color scheme and edible toppers of the main characters from the anime series. With a delectable chocolate filling and the option to add galaxy cake pops and blue macarons, it's the perfect choice for any anime-loving soccer fan. Treat yourself or surprise a loved one with this visually stunning and delicious cake today!

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Reviews (2)
Ethan W.
Ethan W.
Absolutely loved the anime soccer cake! The design was spot-on, capturing the essence of Blue Lock perfectly. It was the highlight of our soccer-themed party and impressed everyone. Will definitely order again!
Ordered the Blue Lock cake for my son's birthday, and it was a huge hit! The cosmic color scheme and edible toppers of the main characters were a big hit with all the guests. The chocolate filling was delicious, and the addition of galaxy cake pops made it even more special. Highly recommend!