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Black and White Anime Cake

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We love this black and white anime cake for 14th birthday with cute lollipop toppers. It was designed by one of our clients, while our dessert artisans were delighted to bring the design to life. Looking to order something different? Perhaps, you’d like a different concept of your unique black and white anime cake? With our pastry chefs, anything is possible. 

Work with our dessert designers to design your very own picture-perfect cake. With us, your unique decoration idea can be adjusted to suit an array of cake sizes and shapes. 

Get in touch with us to order your black and white anime edible image cake for your kid’s 14th birthday or any other special occasion. Wondering about the price of your cake? It depends on the complexity and the number of servings. Scroll down for more expert answers to your frequently asked questions about our cakes. Or just contact us now to discuss your order in detail.

Steps to Order This Black and White Anime Cake

  1. Get in touch with our company via email. This will allow us to react to your inquiry faster, even if you email us when we are out of office and unavailable for a phone call.
  2. Let us know the ID number of your favorite dessert design from our gallery. Or send us a pic of your favorite decoration idea instead. This will allow you to speed up the discussion of your most preferred cake design.
  3. Fill us in on your favorite flavors and fillings. Chocolate or vanilla? Caramel or coconut? Banana or strawberry? All in one, perhaps? We can’t wait to find out what you love the most.
  4. Let us know how many people the cake should feed: this will guarantee you the choice of the most suitable dessert size. 
  5. Indicate the exact date when you need this black and white anime cake and don’t forget to let us know how much money you’re ready to invest in the whole enterprise. With this data on hand, we’ll be able to offer you the best solution. 

Black and White Anime Cake FAQ

In this section, our experts have answered some of our clients’ most frequently asked questions. Please explore it with maximum attention. Because chances are that here, you’ll find the answers to some of your ever-burning questions, too. 

How far in advance should I order this anime black and white cake?

Place your order as early as you possibly can. This will help you book the required date in our calendar and thus, guarantee yourself timely dessert delivery straight to your venue in NYC.

Do I need to place a deposit first?

Yes, you do. Placing a deposit automatically books the date for your cake in our working calendar. With a deposit in place, you are guaranteed to receive your custom treat on time, along with all the agreed-upon extra services like a customized cake stand or balloon decoration.

How much will my black and white anime cake cost?

Typically, our custom cakes start at $130. But the final cost can vary depending on the design and your flavor requirements. Naturally, complicated fondant designs are more expensive than buttercream decor. 

Will you deliver my cake to my venue of choice?

Sure. We can deliver your black and white anime cake to almost any address in NYC and nearby locations. We deliver our custom baked goods fast and do it with utmost care. 

Is the pick-up option available, too?

Sure. We offer pick-up from all our locations. This helps our clients save on delivery fees. Contact us ASAP to talk this through with our customer service.

Can you modify your standard flavors to suit my taste?

As a matter of fact, we can. And we do that pretty often. Just remember to let us know about your favorite flavors to begin the conversation.

Anime Black and White Cake Ideas

Our dessert artisans can bring any design idea you have in mind to life. We make anime-inspired black and white cakes with buttercream and fondant decor, with chocolate drips or edible pics, with candle toppers or hand-sculpted figurines. Make your celebration truly special with some of the best custom cakes in NYC from our bakery. Email us now to place your order and ask your questions.

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