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Easter Basket Cupcake Cake

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This product has a minimum quantity of 28
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Specifications of Our Easter Basket Cupcake Cake

  1. Size: Typically 2.5-3 inches in diameter.
  2. Minimum Order: One dozen cupcakes required.
  3. Fillings Available: Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon, Red Velvet. One flavor choice per dozen.
  4. Care Instructions: It is recommended to keep cupcakes refrigerated and to consume within 5 days of purchase.
  5. Packaging Options: Cardboard boxes with clear windows, plastic containers with lids, and decorative stands.

Introducing our delightful chocolate cupcake basket cake, a charming creation perfect for any occasion! Crafted from 28 delicious chocolate cupcakes, this whimsical basket is adorned with creamy decorations, adding a touch of sweetness to every bite.

At the base of the basket, you'll find cupcakes topped with luscious yellow cream, creating a vibrant foundation for the design. On top of these, a row of cupcakes adorned with edible eggs adds a delightful touch of whimsy, perfect for Easter celebrations or any springtime event.

The handle of the basket is crafted from cupcakes coated in rich purple cream, providing a lovely contrast to the rest of the design. Its intricate detailing adds an extra element of fun to this already charming creation.

Whether you're celebrating a birthday, shower, or simply looking to surprise someone special, our Chocolate Cupcake Basket Cake is sure to impress. With its delightful design and delectable taste, it's a treat that will be remembered long after the last crumb is gone. Order now and add a touch of whimsy to your celebration!

Our Easter cupcakes in New York come in various delightful designs, customizable to your taste. Need traditional Easter cakes? We offer swift delivery every day of the week. Trust us for the best Easter treats!

Reviews (1)
Sage Perez
Sage Perez
The Easter basket cupcake cake was an absolute delight! Its whimsical design and delicious flavors captured the joy of the holiday perfectly. The chocolate cupcakes were moist and decadent, and the colorful decorations added a festive touch. It was the highlight of our Easter celebration!