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Barbershop Cake NYC

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Specifications of Our Barbershop Cake

  1. Size: 6" minumun
  2. Fillings Available: Vanilla sponge, Chocolate sponge, Carrot cake, Red velvet.
  3. Care Instructions: It is recommended to keep the cake refrigerated and to consume within 5 days of purchase.
  4. Packaging Options: Cardboard boxes with clear windows and decorative stands.

Looking for a barbershop cake that's a cut above the rest? Our round corporate cake for a barber is the answer. Imagine a delicious cake adorned with an edible image of a bearded man, the barbershop logo, and a personalized birthday message. Plus, we'll throw in some fondant barber's instruments to complete the look.

But here's the twist: we don't just stop at the visuals. Whether you want classic vanilla, rich chocolate, or something more adventurous, we'll customize the flavor to match your taste buds. PartyCakesNYC is where you will easily order a stunning barber shop opening or anniversary cake and enjoy its fantastic taste!

Barber Birthday Cake Design & Decoration Ideas

  • Bearded Wonder. Feature an edible image of a stylishly bearded man on the cake, celebrating the rugged charm of a well-groomed beard.
  • Barbershop Logo. Incorporate the barbershop's logo onto the cake, adding a touch of authenticity and personalization to the celebration.
  • Barber's Instruments. Decorate the cake with fondant replicas of barber's instruments like scissors, combs, and razors, paying homage to the tools of the trade.
  • Classic Barbershop Pole. Add a miniature edible replica of the classic red and white barbershop pole as a charming, nostalgic decoration.
  • Vintage Barber Chair. Feature an edible fondant barber chair on the cake, complete with intricate details like armrests and footrests, for a touch of old-school charm.
  • Shaving Cream Swirls. Decorate the cake with swirls of edible shaving cream frosting, reminiscent of the luxurious lather used in a traditional barber shave.
  • Beard Balloons. Top the cake with edible fondant balloons shaped like stylized beards, adding a playful and festive touch to the celebration.

With these creative barber birthday cake decoration ideas, your celebration is sure to stand out among the rest. Let our talented bakers bring your vision to life and make your special day truly memorable.

Barber Shop Cakes: 5 Best Tips for Ordering

  1. Plan Ahead. Don't wait until the last minute to order your barber birthday cake. Plan ahead to ensure that you get exactly what you want, especially if you're looking for custom designs or decorations.
  2. Communicate Clearly. Be clear about your preferences when placing your order. Whether it's the flavor, design, or any special requests, clear communication guarantees that you get the perfect custom cake for your celebration.
  3. Consider Dietary Restrictions. If you or your guests have any dietary restrictions or allergies, make sure to communicate them to the bakery. They can often accommodate special dietary needs, but they need to know in advance.
  4. Personalize It. Add a personal touch to your barber salon cake by including a custom message or image. Whether it's a birthday wish, a special message, or a logo, personalized cakes add an extra layer of meaning to your celebration.
  5. Trust the Bakery. Lastly, trust the expertise of our bakery. We are professionals, so let us work our magic. Provide us with your vision and let us bring it to life in delicious and creative ways.

With these tips in mind, ordering a barbershop cake will be a breeze. So, go ahead and treat yourself to a slice of deliciousness that's as stylish as it is tasty! Email your inquiry our way ASAP to start a discussion about your special occasion cake!

Reviews (2)
Hey everyone, it's Ryan from Pall Mall Barbers. I just wanted to give a huge shoutout to the bakery that made our anniversary cake (we ordered it based on this awesome black and white design). It was very good! Moist, rich, and just the right amount of sweetness. If you’re looking for a cake that will wow your guests, PartyCakes is the place to go. Thanks again for helping make our day unforgettable!
I ordered this cake for my barbershop. and it was awesome! Party Cakes NYC - thanks for your professionalism.